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Some practical information about the organization of our practice


The physicians at Spectrum are licensed and accredited. This means that we respect the official rates, as fixed annually by the RIZIV, and do not charge supplements unless this is legally allowed.

You can consult our rates here.


For people with a Belgian mutual and identity card, it is possible to take out a Global Medical Record (GMD). Your doctor will then manage your medical file in Belgium and you will receive a higher reimbursement per consultation.


For prescriptions of medication and for physical therapy, always book a consultation.


Who can come to us
and what for?

All patients of all ages are welcome. We do as much as possible ourselves and refer to the specialist if necessary. Our doctors are recognized by the CPAS and the military. For people with omniostat status, we always apply the third-party payer regulation. All our doctors work according to the principles of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) and always apply the most recent scientific guidelines. We speak Dutch, French and English.

Laboratory testing

You can come to Spectrum for blood and urine tests, smears and STD tests. These are processed by Medical Laboratory Medina Groot-Bijgaarden. You will receive your results via their iPatient platform where you must log in with your national registry number. For urgent results you can also be contacted by phone. Some tests take longer to perform. Also, your doctor will sometimes request additional tests if it appears that an abnormal value is found in your blood. This may cause some delay in the results. Have you not heard from us after a week? Call us during the office hours and we will inform you of the results.
Important: You will receive an additional invoice for the lab tests afterwards. Your doctor can give you an estimate of the additional costs.


Home Visits

Home visits are intended for people who cannot move or who have difficulty moving: the very elderly, the seriously ill, people who cannot be transported, etc.

As far as possible, come to the consultation by yourself, your doctor has more possibilities and material at his disposal to help you properly. Moreover, it will be your turn faster and you will no longer have to wait at home.

For reasons of time we can only very exceptionally schedule a home visit. In addition, we will only be able to do home visits at a reasonable walking distance from the practice.

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